December 16, 2010

Christmas at the Yawney's

^^Grandma & Joel ( Joel didn't want to take a picture - I said in ten years you will wish you would have haha)^^
^^Grandpa reading the "Christmas Story"^^
^^Preston reading a book about Christmas Miracles and gives a testimony of Jesus Christ. Noah was very interested^^
^^Noah giving his famous hair strokes.^^
^^Joel was very happy to get his sweater from grandma & grandpa - plus he was willing to smile big for the picture. Thanks Joel^^
^^Noah excited about his present^^
^^Noah giving little puppy eyes with his candy cane skittles^^


SoooOoOo today marks the official day that I can actually enjoy Christmas, except I am totally pooped out from all this studying. I actually broke out in my skin from all this stress. I have bad ezcema and when I am completely busy it breaks out all over my body - it hurts, itchy, irritating plus it looks plain awful. Needless to say I am going on vacation so i need to look good!! This morning before my exam I made a little trip to the doctors and everything will be better in time!

Any-who last night, we celebrated christmas together since we will be dispersing over the next 5 days. IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN. I had a great time, we ate, laughed, read the christmas story, decorated cookies, read a memorable book, opened presents and celebrated christmas together. I got a disneyland sweater for christmas! just in time to prepare for our big adventure. I loved it. We leave on tuesday and I can hardly wait to go on our adventure together. exciting.

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