December 11, 2010

I've put on my thinking shoes

goodbye almost fall semester 2010

wow, I cannot believe it. This semester is almost over. well almost, I have one more paper and then one more EASY final. It is going to be fabulous! It has been a hard, hard week. In the words of a wonderful post I read last week, "I can do hard things"! I love it. I have literally been living in p.j's all week (don't worry different styles of course). My living space is a MESS, which drives me nuts because I love being clean, tidy and germ free. However, every moment I have had, I have been studying and typing away at these papers. My mind keeps on thinking oh my goodness I need to clean this place and then at the same time I am in a corner just aching to craft my little heart out. I cannot wait until christmas.

on tuesday husbuddy gave me a break and took me for supper at the mall. I needed it. I bought some on sale polka dot p.j's and some shoes I saw on sale. I love aldo shoes and you know of course I had to stop by for a quick 10 mins. I paid a total of $38 bucks. The cranberry pair came to only 20 and the romantic black kitten heels with a very cute heel ruffle came to 18. score. nothing beats a half price sale on shoes. heaven.
^^and this is my messy room a.k.a the place I have been all week.^^
I cannot wait until I get to CLEAN my room. It is driving me nuts. Have a great weekend :)

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