January 31, 2011

2010 Recap

Remember last year when my blog was first established? Well back then I made some new goals and traditions. For those of you who don't know... I have established a tradition of beginning my goals at the end of January. Now I am going to see if I actually achieved any. 
  1. Keep good traditions
    • Complete. My husbuddy and I created our own traditions (night time routine, fav. things to do, fav. events to attend, fav. places to travel). We had a wonderful year.
  2. Re-learn to use a sewing machine and begin making my designs into clothing
    • Complete. Re-learned from this website here
    • Half Complete. Does it count that I made barbie clothes? 
  3. Learn how to "Preserve" or a.k.a. "Canning"
    • Utter fail. This goal will need to be post-poned due to the excessive work it takes. However, I still want to learn. I will wait until the crops turn out and my life slows down.
  4. Make the time to Exercise 3 x week (My Calendar which will be covered with Disney Stickers every time I work out. Y'all seriously I really need your motivation. I decided on posting a weekly result blog about if i made my goals, world I need your motivation. What do you think about me posting the results on Saturday?)
    • Utter fail. So my weight seriously fluctuated over the past year. My calendar was not as stickered up as I would have liked. Sad face. I am re-evaluating the issue and currently in the process of establishing an effective plan. haha
  5. Be obedient to the personal goals Joshua and I have set together
    • Complete. I love my husbuddy.
  6. Continue to do well in school
    • Complete. My grades were maintained and in the 80 to 85 range. I am happy. However, I had one cruddy 66...but I am pretty sure the prof. hated me. However, on a postive note - I learned a lot in her class and didn't even sell the textbook back.
  7. See a new temple
    • Complete. I saw so many new temples in Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico & California.
  8. Maintain a blog was not really a listed goal. However, it was a part of my overall new years resolution.
    • Complete. 60 blog posts for the year of 2010. Success!!
  9. Develop my photography skills.
    • Complete. I am not an expert BUT I have definitely come to love taking pictures. My husbuddy gave me a wonderful birthday present last year. Check out this photo I did for my sister. 
Average Score 7.5/10 = 75% on achieving my goals.

Year of firsts:
  • 1st time doing a blog
  • 1st time going to Utah
  • 1st time going to New Mexico
  • 1st time owning an apple laptop.
  • 1st time celebrating a happy one year marriage (May 30th)
  • 1st time helping with a tornado clean up.
  • 1st time having a girl bestie come back from her mission to Regina, SK
  • 1st time making a creative pillow
  • 1st time actually making barbie clothes
  • 1st time ever taking a vacation during my Christmas school break
  • 1st time going to Arizona
  • 1st time seeing a cactus (like a real huge one like taco bell)
  • 1st time driving to California
  • 1st time visiting Joshua's family in northern California.
I think the most important thing I learned this year is that no matter if I am busy, tired or stressed. I have people who love me and I love them. I love and live the gospel. I love that Heavenly Father gives me trials and challenges so that I can learn to be a better person. I love my families. I love my eternal husbuddy.

and guess what? I made this blog. heart!

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