January 25, 2011

So I bought this dress...

and it looks ridiculous on me?!?! Not even funny. Look how cute it is. Like man?! Oh my gosh -I seriously fell in love with it. Then happily it arrived to my door. I immediately tried it on and I realized how I looked like a total goofball. I showed Joshua and he had the most ridiculous look on his face. He said "heck no". Dang - even he thought it looked goofy. I am so sad! I can only ever find like two amazing dresses a year and apparently this is not one of them (sad face). SooOoo this is my note to you dress - one day I will find you.
Photos found here


  1. Oh Hun... If you notice she has absolutly no curves that is why it looks good on her. You my girl are a woman and there for have curves not like the little girl in the photo who is so skinny they had to over lap her legs so they didn't look gross!.... But the dress design is cute i have to admit.... Maybe next time! Good luck on that hunt... I know what its like to struggle with dress shopping... baaah!

  2. Theresa - oh my word I never even thought about her legs been close together for that reason. LOL.I appreciate your lovely thoughts, so uplifting. Dress shopping here we come 2011