January 20, 2011


I have many aunties who have all been great influences in my life. My aunties have always encouraged me, listened to me, taken me to movies, and have always motivated me to go beyond my own expectations. I JUST love aunties!

Over the winter break I got to meet a couple of amazing Aunties who filled my heart with laughter and love. I appreciate all the knowledge I received from these wonderful Aunties. Poor Aunt Ann, I wish I could have had a photo with you. I was a bit slack on my photos in Loomis, CA. The next time Joshua and I come around, we will need to take pictures again. P.s. thank you for the most beautiful, delicious, and juiciest oranges ever.  Our Aunt Alisa was so funny and so sweet. I loved meeting my mother-in-law's family they were all wonderful. I will never ever forget how sweet they were to me and my husbuddy!!!

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