March 9, 2011

Lets Partay Baby!

Today I have had my mind on celebrations. Maybe it's the winter blues thats igniting my secret inner passion, I am not sure but I know I need to find a reason to party. I, like many of you brilliant folks, love to get together and visit and have fun. Who doesn't?

I love to brainstorm themes with cute decorations, lovely desserts, prizes, music and dancing **sigh**

Husbuddy and I have our birthdays two days apart from each other. I've been telling him that we are going to have a Star Wars b-day bash or Twilight Saga festival for our birthday themes and he just laugh's.

I am a general celebration lover. J'adore attending or throwing wedding parties, baby showers, and heck even one day throw my own offspring's birthday bashes. Except, I am pretty sure I will be the most embarrasing parent ever to my future kidlets. Just to make it clear, I am not a far out far fetched mamacita - you will never see me on TLC Outrageous Birthdays cuz that stuff is redonk.

So I decided to myself just now... that i am going to throw a teenie weenie tiny little st. patricks day party just like this little party....
Photo found here

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