March 3, 2011

Shoes and lots of em' please

If you don't know by now I am shoe fanatic. Like a big shoe fanatic. Like a really, really BIG shoe fanatic. Shoes are my fav. and I think it might be;
  • the height
  • the colour
  • the way it makes your feet look good
  • the way it makes your feet hurt after a long period of time (aka for me 3 hrs @ max for the really high ones)
  • the way it tones  your calf muscles b/c it does
  • the way it makes you look so lovely

but of course, it just needs to be a shoe. I love all shoes like sandals, flats, kitten heels, high heels, really high heels, runners and so on.

HOWEVER if I had to pick then my most fav. type of shoe then it is high heels.

I love, love high heels. The higher the better. When I put on my shoes the first thing I want to feel is ...tall and then of course, dazzling.

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