July 17, 2011

Sweating Pickles and what I am wearing today.

Holy moly today is hot baby. I love it. Today I wore a hot pink flowy dress. I matched it with my very own created lace head piece (seriously scrap fabric cut long enough to tie at the back of my head). I felt fabulous.

Last night I tied my hair in ribbon ties that I learned from this DIY tutorial here. After I had put these ties in my hair we decided we should head out to McDees for some McFlurries. When we arrived at McDonalds the line up reached the street. I was in jammies and hair ties. I said to my husbuddy and friend that I didn't want to go in because I looked like a crazy fool. He then brought some obvious information to my attention that it was "just" McDonalds and that I didn't need to look special - ha! 

McDonalds was packed at midnight and full of teeny boppers staring. I looked and felt like a crazy fool. but it is ok. The hair ties were worth it. haha.


Today I put my cute curlies into a sweet updo with a few bobbi pins and my little sassy head piece.

Happy Lovely Sunday Day!


  1. You looks so pretty! The dress and head band are lovely and lovin the shoes too! Hugs, Bobbi Jo
    p.s. you should have posted picks from McDees he he

  2. Seriously Nicole, I wish I were as awesome as you! You have such amazing style and are so lovely and delightful! You make me smile! You looked even cuter in person!
    ps: I am SO stealing the hair ties idea! How fabulous!