July 17, 2011

Sweet and Essential - The main ingredient to fashion.

As a Latter Day Saint modesty is very important to who I am, to my standards, and to my faith in a loving Heavenly Father. Summer is hot and dressing modestly can be a challenge. Fashion can be revealing but that doesn't mean you can't add that super cute piece you have had your eye on. My favourite thing about fashion and modesty is combining the two to create a fabulous outfit that is both cool and light.
I shop at DownEastBasics for my modest essentials. I love the famous wonder- tee as it comes in a variety of colours at an affordable price (being a student and all). I have a variety of colours to help me live and have a modest closet/wallet.

Can modesty be done? Yes it can. We live in a world of possibilities and talent. I have found amazing examples of woman all over the world who strive to live modest lives. Modesty is hard at first because I see these cute popular trends that are adorable. However, I understand that my faith is not a trend it is forever. Being modest is an easier choice to make because I know who I am and what I stand for.

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