September 26, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration Creation

I know I have been guilty of spending much time on Pinterest especially during my downtime because seriously... it is amazing. I find the cutest stuff and ideas....and heck?!?!?! Why not some inspiration for some creation. Yay

I made these last nights from a cute photo on pinterest. So i stopped at bulk barn and decided to try and find the ingredients to such a creation.It was very good and just right for my disney loving!

  • red chocolate wafers - melted in a saucepan on low.
  • mini white chocolate chips
  • chocolate melting wafers
  • oreas
  • cookiesheet/parchment paper
  1. lightly squeeze two chocolate wafers into an Oreo Cookie
  2. dip half of the oreo into the sauce pan of warm red chocolate
  3. place on a cookie sheet of parchment
  4. add to 2 mini white chocolate chips on the red half of dipped oreo
  5. place in freezer and place on a cute holder! yayness

Enjoy and share the Disney fun hehe.

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