September 28, 2011

Wife Days

I love being a wife and that is just what I get to do everyday....hehe. It is the best eVER! I get to listen to romantic music, eat ice-cream cones, ride my bike, watch romantic movies, place the bed and do laundry. Yay I love it. This semester I get to be with my husbuddy. I am in my last semester of schooling and it has been really fun. I love reading, grocery shopping, renting movies (old past time - i guess now...haha bye bye blockbuster) that we rent from the Carwash just a bike ride away.

Thought I would Journal this day so I would never forget it....a wednesday:

6:55 - alarm goes off
7:10 - oh man quickly wake up and drag my feet to the the shower because i just wanna stay in bed with my husbuddy and snuggle
7:18 - get dressed
7:25 - pack lunch
7:30 - grab back-pack and header out
7:35 - manoeuvre our way around traffic.....and barely make it on time for work.
8:00 - Begin work at my FT practicum......
10:30 - take a 20 min break with my dear friend by walking to the park and sitting on the grass to destress
10:50 - 12:30 - work and make change yo.
12:30 - Do lunch with my fabulous friend Crystal and laugh about non-sense and talk of the future. my fav.
1:30 - work, work, work, and enjoy it.
3:30 - break with my great friend again.
5:00 - done work. leave work at work and be picked up by my darling husbuddy who takes me for a romantic wing night
6:30 - grab my bike to some lovely meetings
8:15 - come home and do some laundry, make the bed (i know its evening...but hey I just can't get into bed without it being made - besides we were going to be late today so no time for cute beds - ha!)
9:00 - fold laundry and eat an oreo. Ok dang it - a few oreos with some milk.
9:30 - tidy, read, and listen to some music.
10:00 get ready for bed, blog baby, and look at my nails and decide man these babies need to be done.
10:30 anxiously wait for the husbuddy to come home from his study.

You know sometimes I think today was a very simple and ordinary day much like other days. However my fav. part is laughing, having the hair in my face while i ride my bike and simply, resting. It is so important to practice self-care not only for myself, but for all other important aspects including my family. It is a great feeling when things are organized including the small things. I love these days where I am at peace. I love being organized, it helps me feel the spirit. It is breathtaking and I am so thankful.

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