January 13, 2012

Pretty Essentials

Happy Weekend! I love fridays they are so sweet and sassy. Today I decided to capture all the sweet pretty goodies I have been finding throughout my home. I have been going room to room organizing all the knick knacks and extras in each drawer and have been finding a re-occuring theme and essentials that I just can't live without.


1. Earrings - I have lots and lots of earrings. I finally gotta around to organizing my jewellery holder and put all the earrings in matching pairs. My fav. pair that I have been wearing pretty much everyday are my diamond-pearl studs! The husbuddy spoiled me for Christmas and I have been in love ever since.

2. What?? Cupcake holders I guess have become one my daily essentials since I can't remember when?!!?!? Everytime I see a cute little design I can't resist. These pretties I happened to find at superstore for the Valentines Day holiday. I am a serious sucker for hearts and pink. Hello!!!

3. Everyday this little beauty is one drawer to the next everywhere used all the time. I have had it for so long and it is my fav. scent. I have had this since back in 2008. I wonder do perfumes have expire dates?? I don't think so....not for Daisy. It still smells so sweet.

4. I seem to have lots of socks and bows around my home. A new pretty pair for a new pretty day. I got these two beauties at H&M back in the fall and I have loved how sweet they spark up any outfit

5. Holy big mac. I didn't realize how many lip products I got going on.  I guess I have been collecting lots and lots of lip chaps, lip balms, lip care and lip stick. It's a growing collection. My most used of these items is vaseline. Can't go a day without it...hehe.

6. Ok....my new pretty essential has been around the home a lot. Haha. I have had to adjust my fashion style a little to sweat pants and stretchy t-shirts for this baby bump. This mama has got to stay comfy. No worries I have been finding cute and comfy items so I am not so frumpy all the time. My tall high heel shoes have had to take a break but I still got my kitten heels going on. I can't live without my heels. 

I am curious - what can't you live without?

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