January 10, 2012

Ready. set. go.

I really need to write. 

So here I am, back!

Lots has happened. 

and I can't wait to tell you all about it.


It started back on October 11th the day after thanksgiving weekend. I was taking photos of a beautiful family. 

My Joshua and I have always planned on having a family. We were reminded many times that our lives are in Heavenly Fathers hands and He makes the plans. During the photo session with the family. I felt at peace and content. I realized something unusual happened earlier that day.

I had eaten 1 piece of chocolate and realized I felt a bit...queasy, odd chocolate never makes me feel queasy?!?!

Anyways that evening while I was taking photos of the sweet family. I realized I couldn't wait to have my babies in my arms. 

I got home and took out my pregnancy test without Joshua this time. I screamed really loud and was laughing lots. 

two lines.

and we got down on our knees and thanked heavenly father.

Is it creepy I still have that pregnancy test?

The sum of it:
  1. From October to Christmas I puked at least once a day (the really bad days every meal) anytime morning, noon and night. 
  2. I HATE can't eat onions, garlic, meat, greasy food and flavour = sorry we had to break up. I hope it is temporary
  3. I am no longer embarrassed to say I pee my pants a lot. Something about puking and how it squeezes out my squished bladder makes me feel confident.
  4. I sleep lots
  5. My memory is no good. I forget lots of things these days.
  6. I can finally feel little teeny tiny baby kicks
  7. My love for my husband is beyond words. Every back rub and nose wipe during the puking, every back rub at night to help me fall asleep first, the quick trips to the store to get more milk for my cereal or my sudden urge to have something asap. I am spoiled. I am blessed.
  8. I am so thankful for Heavenly Father and this wonderful experience. I am so excited for what is in store for our little family on earth. I am also really thankful for my mother and all the awesome mothers out there. truly.

Thats all I have to write right now. I am taking a much needed break from photos and really focusing on cleaning my home. I am finally feeling alive and well so I will be back to write down my everyday thoughts and some everyday photos of our adventures.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

see ya again.

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