February 3, 2012

What NOT to wear

Shopping has been on my mind all week. For the past while I have been stuck in a frump - a comfy frump with my bump. I told myself I would always upkeep my love of fashion but girl, it's hard. Plus my face hates wearing make up too. Oh dear .....might as well call up "what not to wear".

I have been oogling the blog and fashion world lots. I have been concocting(<--- SP??) outfits all throughout the week. Matching items from my closets to future finds. Accessories, skirts, shirts, purses, hair do's!!!!!!!!!! My mind is exploding!!!!!!!!!!

So today I went on a mission and found some great deals (i LOVE end of season sales, makes life more affordable!)

Since I am the photographer it is so hard to get photos of me (i wish). I hope in the near future I can get the husbuddy to capture some of the outfits I can create from my new finds.

In the meantime, here is a little bit of my friday;

Daily Ritual - starting to header out. first thing. turn on the tunes.

admiring the frost

the sweetest pet shop

liking the colors of this change room.

outlet isle - the search is on!

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