November 26, 2012


Almost two weeks ago Winston cut two tiny little teeth and I am happy to say that we are making it! The two little teeth are half popped up and my baby is on the mend to normalcy for now. He had a little bit of an ear ache at first but other than that he is a pretty happy baby... during the day.

He seems to be a night demon lately. He gets that from my side and by my side, I mean do not mess with our sleep kinda side. The past week he had some rough nights waking up every couple of hours in pain! I feel bad for the little fellow. 

Other than that I am pretty sure he is amazed he has teeth. He likes to bite everything except for me. I am so thankful. I hope it stays this way. ha!


  1. Cute! How exciting! My nephews just grew teeth too...its so fun to see them grow :)

    1. I love your nephews. I couldn't agree with you more. It is so fun! I love that you share pics.