December 30, 2012

Breastmilk and Baby Food

Winston at 4 1/2 months
Well. I am a mom. So this post is going to be brutally honest since my shame has flown out the window from the day I went into labour. We can talk about all those shameless pregnancy/birthing stories another time or you can watch a couple of birth stories via youtube or TLC. FYI.

This past week and some, Winston has finally been introduced to baby food! It has been a big deal for quite sometime now. The anticipation leading up to his 6 month date - OOOH we have been waiting. Let me tell you!

Winston has been showing lots of interest in our food and has been way more than ready for over a month and a half. At first, I was not sure my boobs could physically make enough milk for the baby BUT it did. I had mixed emotions about feeding him baby food only because I sorta/kinda like breastfeeding. It is hard but I love the bonding time we have. 

My only real concern about introducing baby food was saying goodbye to the carefree breastmilk only poo. I have been waiting for his body to gradually say goodbye to the carefree mustardy days. Well, today, Winston was sitting next to daddy and had his little pushing face going on. The husbuddy noticed he was very smelly and told me to come QUICK! 

I won't get graphic here but, needless to say his body has registered REAL food.

We were so excited. And yes, we are really thrilled parents. ok. well, I am. 


I am his mom. 


  1. i <3 your brand of no filter or as you say needing to be shameless! <3 your posts!! <3 reading about your daily comings and goings and milestones. thanks for keeping it real!! xo s.

    1. Thank you Shannon. I so love that you are stopping by our little blog world. :D have a fantastic day!