December 19, 2012

Food for the very first time {the experience}

*catching up*

I am so glad I was able to capture Winston's first time enjoying his first meal. {i think?} His expressions kill me. Like really, I can't stop giggling! For quite some time now, I had been really nervous for this day to come because it means he is exactly half a year old. gasp! My baby is on his way to serve a mission now I guess. {jokes}. But seriously? Is this how being a parent works?! Time just speeds up incredibly fast!? My goodness! These months have whooshed right on by. Ok. Alright, back to 'first time for foods' and... I think he enjoyed it. 
Winston is our little dream boat. We are so thankful for him in our lives. We feel so lucky to be parents to such a sweetheart. He is a happy and content kid. Yes he has his moments but sometimes those moments are hardly there at all. 

He loves life and his love for life fills our hearts with so much joy. Also, he has got a real talent for being incredibly cute! I love this kid.

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