March 14, 2013

NYC Trip {Second Day}

^^view from the train^^
^^Beautiful sissy in Brooklyn walking to the Brooklyn Bridge!^^
^^practicing his walk^^
^^China town and touring canal street. kayla was having too much fun^^
^^the view from Rockefeller centre^^
^^that woman was really hailing a taxi^^
^^grays papaya in the village. best cheap food ever^^

Our first goal of our second day in new york was to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. We started in Brooklyn and walked across towards Manhattan. It was lovely. plus on our view we saw lady liberty {she was closed either way so distance didn't matter to us}.  Our first day was very cloudy and rainy so we didn't really see the city until we were walking the bridge and from where we saw it, it was breath taking. 

We learned right away that Canal St {chinatown} was within a good walking distance so we ventured towards that way after the bridge. New York is truly a beautiful city with beautiful interesting people. ha! After spending a vast amount of time on Canal street eating duck and belgian chocolate, we took Kayla to Rockefeller Centre so she could see the city from up top. We were too cheap to buy tickets to go up but I sent kayla with the camera to capture the city either way and I am sure glad I did :) And lastly, we went to the village to enjoy some Grays Papaya. Oh man, it was heavenly. Looking at the photos it really doesn't feel like we did that much but I am telling you NYC is a sickly huge city.

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