March 10, 2013

Our Sunshine

People - spring is going on over here folks. I am telling you this is spring! I know this because everytime we walk outside my baby is being all squinty eyed just by the sun's mear presence. Yes, I can promise you spring is here {well not really but you know what I mean}. Also {please note}, I am finally joining in on the picture action. Since you know, I am almost always behind the camera asking everyone to smile or act natural and then capture that moment. I am finally getting motivated to join in and be apart of the memory. Wahoo - party!

One of my lovely sisters {kayla} is here visiting for the week and she happened to bring some good weather with her. I don't know?! Maybe not really considering she came from saskatchewan but I will take it nonetheless! Today after church, we decided we better get out and enjoy it. Mr. Winston loves being out and about loving life. Mainly because he is very much the social butterfly in the family and loves, loves people. The park had loads of people flocking to it. So of course, Winston was having a good time looking at all the little children being children. He was looking at them intently while they played and ran around. He is determined these days. We had so much fun. 

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