May 25, 2013

Anniversary Trip

^^Our anniversary temple trip. We spent our day taking turns going to the temple while Winston thoroughly visited the vistor centre.^^

^^memorial day & the national motorcycle rally^^
^^I love the way he holds Daddy's Hand.^^
^^they were realllly good. Worth the 30 minute wait!^^
^^he loves to make 'ooOo' sounds^^
^^always finishing the day off with as much climbing as he can.^^

To celebrate our marriage turning the big 4 we decided we were going to do a family temple trip. The nearest temple to us is about four hours away so we were pretty excited to go! We spent the afternoon taking turns going into the temple and then spent the remainder of our evening holding hands while walking the DC monuments. We found a great deal online on a hotel and decided to stay the night. The next morning, we all woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to spend the day in DC. We headed to the museums only to be trapped in traffic for a whopping two hours! Little did we know that every human in the USA and their motorcycle came to DC too. ha! The place was insane. Literally, there were tens of thousands and thousands of motorcycles everywhere. On the grass, on the streets, on the sidewalks - you name it folks. We learned quite soon that DC was holding a national motorcycle rally. All in all though it was a beautiful sight and we felt lucky to see it with our very own eyes - happy anniversary to us. 

We decided to spend our afternoon in georgetown walking around since every road to the museums and monuments were blocked. We are so glad that georgetown was so close. Of course, I had to get me a DANG cupcake and my boys were happy to join in on the fun. The cupcakes were well worth the wait. In fact, my mouth is watering galore right now. mmmm. We spent our evening gazing at the sunset, watching those red, white and blue flags blowing in the wind. Our Winston spent his time walking and winning over every passer by'ers heart. 

I love my husbuddy and can't believe how quickly these last four years have gone. It felt like we just got married yesterday. Every year that we grow 'young' together we realize how lucky we are to have one another and how lucky we feel have to our baby winston.  My family brings me joy. Whether we have a pizza and movie night in or a little adventure, my family always takes the cake. They are where I always want to be.

On to forever we go.

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