May 20, 2013


Our mornings are spent at the park near our home while the day is relatively cool. It has been so hot here - it is so fun and it is only May people! For real. And this isn't even the beginning of summer. It has been awesome. The heat has been on and I am counting the days until the pool opens. Memorial Day Weekend WE ARE THERE! Oh the sun, how I love you so much. It feels like everyday we spend so much time outside because it is so nice. This place is heaven, even my cold canadian blood agrees. There are two reasons why I love the heat; for one, I have an air-conditioner and two, my baby is happy.

The other day we made a quick stop at the library and then headed to the park down the hill. It is the most beautiful quiet park I have ever been too. Ok maybe not the most, but definitely the top ten here in Pittsburgh. The park is beautiful. There are picnic tables and a running track next door - man! Oh and baby swings and baby slides. It is incredible.

These days Winston has become a pro at the park. He loves to climb up the kiddie ladder to the slide house. He is so social and most days, we find ourselves meeting new friends anywhere we go. Husbuddy has been playing in the park with Winston while I chill on the blanket reading and watching my men play. He even mentioned that he talks to so many people that it is getting exhausting. Ha. Oh that unknown joy of parenthood. {for real I didn't even know this about parenthood until I became one...deep}

A friend of ours shared this article and I thought it was so funny. It is so true! Thought I would pass it along too.

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