August 29, 2013


Hello folks, if you haven't already discovered our big announcement through our other social media outlets via instagram and facebook.... whelp, we are moving to the UK for a year!

We will be living in Edinburgh, Scotland for 12 months while Joshua will be working on his Masters that will coordinate with his second year in Pittsburgh. The opportunity arose earlier this year and we have been making plans ever since. We are extremely happy that all the official paperwork like our visas have been approved {we have been keeping it quiet until we knew for sure}.We are pretty calm clueless and really can't imagine life yet, we feel like the situation will be similar to Pittsburgh. :)

We arrived in New Mexico a few days ago via road-trip from Canada and prior to that, Pittsburgh. We have literally been on the go all summer so we are bit behind with all of our fun summer photos that we have wanted to share. Life has been crazy. Fun, but crazy. I think that is just how life works though. ;) We will be living out of our suitcases for the next year, with our carry-ons, and each other. We are saying goodbye to our family {again}, having a car, and living in the good ol' USA. We are not sure what to expect but we can hardly wait for this next chapter in our life.

If you find this blog is lacking in the next month I can promise instagram will not fail you. haha

Have a lovely last august week and weekend.

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