September 17, 2013

Onto the Green

Hey Blog. We arrived in Edinburgh last monday morning and have been adjusting quite well. I am a walkin'/bus'n mama these days due to a lack of car. My high-maintenance life has taken to this new change head-on. I find myself with a new quality, adaptable and loving it! In fact, I find myself out and about almost everyday ready to take on this city. who would have thunk? I am glad our current temporary let is so central to so many lovely places like the grocery stores, park, city centre museums, and huge fields where winston can run around and play. Oh boy. We took advantage of the hills down the street from our flat to hike this weekend. I am not much of an outdoor'sy kind of gal but I am glad to say I made it. I am quite surprised with these new abilities I had no idea I had. I hiked my little behind to the hills of scotland and climbed to the tip-top of arthur's seat. New Motto: I am capable of more than myself.
^^look mom^^
^^ see?^^
^^two rocks!^^
^^dude found gold^^
^^view from lunch^^
^^View from Arthur's Seat. triumphant success^^
^^ He slept ALL the way down!^^

on the hike down, winston slept the entire way right up until we came into the house and laid him on the bed. ha! This little hike has led me to thinking about my capabilities much like being a mother and wife has taught me about my capabilities. I've been in shock since winston was born. I am still in complete awe that I was given the gift of being his mother. I had no idea I was capable of being anyones mother. I feel like he is too perfect and I am undeserving. I've always believed other people deserved good gifts more than me because they needed it more. What I didn't realize amidst my thinking was that heavenly father had an especially perfect gift planned out just for me because I needed him more. Husbuddy and I often feel the need to tell each other on a regular basis how we got so blessed in having him as a son.

I feel like I am surprised everyday at what may come. I'm loving it. Life isn't easy or perfect like I wish it was but I know each day gives me an opportunity to learn things like not burning supper or putting pom poms in jars or going on a hike or when to recognize teething before it starts. In the meantime, I am going to tickle my baby's neck, make him a pb & j and watch world war Z with the husbuddy (once in a blue moon it is his turn to pick right?).


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  1. Fun! Wish I was there with you! Glad to hear you made it and are having a good time!