September 20, 2013

The Loch

Hello guys,

We've have had a thrilling week searching for apartments. Apartment hunting here in Edinburgh is sort of like an auction, every interested viewer comes to the viewing, then you need to come with a deposit and if you love it you've got to put in a bid along with several other bidders in addition to providing a good impression and a sound application once they actually like you. After hours searching for flats, many viewings and actual bids - still no flat yet. We have until mid-next month before our temporary flat is up but in the meantime we are sorting through the assortment of flats out here. Oye. we are back to juggling and balancing our time with searching, school, activities for winston, being sick and exploring this fantastic city. It is a lot of work and sort of crazy but I am learning life is like that anyways. so I am thankful for the crazy. ha!

Among our exploring in this city we found a nearby loch filled with a variety of birdies that Winston loved. The lochs are filled with swans who are much like geese in which they expect you to give them bread. I didn't bring any thinking they weren't like geese. ha! oh well, they still came in huge flocks clearly expecting bread. Winston loved it and sat still in amazement at the birdies. I hadn't even realized he hadn't had a bird-watching opportunity at all this summer unless perhaps at the zoo but I always dodged those birdies. He loves animals so he was in total heaven. love that boy. so glad he is mine, forever.

Happy weekend.

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