September 25, 2013

Saturday Exploring

^^Morning Independence Rally ^^
^^National Museum of Scotland - the first floor blew my mind!^^
^^I was in complete awe of this dress.^^
Over the weekend, winston and I went to do some exploring while husbuddy studied at school. We packed up some lunches, caught the bus bumped into the independence rally and walked to the museum to explore the most beautiful {FREE!!} museum ever. I love that this city has so many free galleries and museums. We played for hours in the kiddie section that we found by surprise at the tip top floor of our visit. It was insanely entertaining for my sweet boy. It was filled with puzzles, tunnels, lights, dress-up, animals, treehouse, and a digging pit to name a few. Plus, the rest of the museum was very interactive and had us playing games, music, touching the neat exhibits {which is fantastic for a curious toddler I might add}. Oh, and it had a free science centre type section, a roof and some other stuff that we didn't even get too. man! I will definitely be back again particularly if it is a cold and wet sort of day :). This place makes our student budget smile, winston happy and boy, does it ever make mama happy. I can't wait to bring husbuddy on one of his day's off.

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