October 1, 2013

Things Lately

^^winston playing in the nicely placed bedding^^
We spent this weekend close to home other than a quick trip to the grocery store or playing at the park down the road. During the week, it feels like our life is go-go-go so it felt good to be at home. These past few months I haven't had the time to properly blog about Winston's milestones lately. I keep finding myself remembering and then later on forgetting so now I just make small notes in my planner so that I can somewhat keep track of his life. So today, I wanted to share with you a little about my Winston and his sweet, sweet goodness.

Things he says:

He has been doing lots of new baby signing and babbling of new words. His favourite signs are eat, drink, milk, diaper, more, all gone. His favourite expressions are yes, no, blowing kisses, waving hi and waving bye, giving big hugs and sharing kisses. His favourite sayings are mama, dad or dada, dis this? {for what's this?}. Most times, I don't understand most of his gibberish but when I do pick up what he is laying down he claps his hands at me or nods yes really fast. ha! He has a lot of expressions and it can be quite silly.

Things in his mouth:

Over the summer he has been working hard on getting his baby molars. I didn't even notice they were in there until a few days after we arrived here in the UK. He has become very picky with food especially towards his vegetables. I have begun sneaking pureed carrots by the spoonfuls in his spaghetti. He has lots of favourite foods which are raspberries, apples, granola bars, raisins, yogurt, cheese, hummus, crackers, oatmeal, spaghetti, rice & chicken, boiled eggs, and black beans.  His food weaknesses are ice-cream, sweets, french fries or BBQ chicken pizza. Oh and he loves to nurse above all the rest. 
Things he does & loves:

The weather is pretty chilly here at times which means we often come into the house with a runny nose. In return he has learnt how to blow his nose into a tissue and anything similar like clothing for instance. We are working on that one. *wink, wink*. He loves the playground and loves open fields to kick his ball. He picked up kicking a ball on his very own and I am positive he will love sports when he grows up. He loves to read books. His favourite shows are Yo Gabba Gabba, Avator {the cartoon} and all of the Toy Story Movies or basically anything Disney. He loves animals. We always find ourselves talking to strangers with their pets. All the dogs here are so friendly and off leashes IN THE CITY. They are the most obedient dogs I have ever witnessed since ginger. Winston has picked up dancing! He doesn't have a rhythm quite yet but his dancing is so cute husbuddy and I just join right in with him twirling, jumping, shaking our booty...you know the good stuff. He also loves horsey back rides, leg lifts and leg rides. Oh and he sleeps in a drawer in our room and the best part is when he wakes up, he climbs right into bed to snuggle with us.
^^left: the look we get when we try to feed him something. right: perfect size bed. 
thank you for being ours baby


  1. Haha, I love that he sleeps in a drawer! He's growing up so fast. We miss you guys!

    1. His drawer is my favourite part of being here so far. Once we get our own flat he will be back to crib life but in the meantime. I love it ha! We miss you toooooo

  2. haha, that drawer is crazy cool! He will probably love that story when he is older. And I'm a little jealous that he will snuggle in bed with you. We miss that little munchkin over here, and the rest of you too :)