October 6, 2013

Portobello Beach

^^when he has something to say he says it. He was really excited with the moving waves and birds^^

^^I tried to stop him but he was too fast he eventually rubbed sand all over his hair. Who am I to wreck all the fun. ha!^^
^^he loved that sand!^^

Winston and I ventured ourselves to the sea this last week. Just us two on a little date. It was a Winston day filled with playing and no more viewing/searching for a home. :) We were celebrating the good news of finally finding a place to live! I can hardly believe it myself. We put in an offer for a flat as soon as we viewed it and found out later the next day that we were accepted to move in. Our prayers were answered. We had everyone praying for us so that we could be chosen for the flat. We prayed so hard. I can't tell you how thankful we are to finally have a home. It means so much to us. We move in mid-october and we can hardly wait. EEEEP. We jumped around like crazies when we found out. So the next day we went out to the beach while daddy went back to his studying in peace. 

Oh we played and explored our little hearts out. It was a bit muggy but it felt so nice. Winston basked in the sand and squished it all over his hands and eventually gave himself a mud bath that was surprisingly fun. Sure, it took a while to rub all the sand out but luckily I came prepared {for once} and all was well. everyone lived to tell the tale. He had a great time. Portobello beach is a dream. Oh and it also had a playground so obviously we had to check it out. Our goal this upcoming year is to play on every playground in this city.


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