October 11, 2013

City Farm

^^winston says moo. his sheep pal says ba^^
^^loving the city farm!^^
^^the cows were moo'in so ... moo!^^
we discovered a city farm here right in the middle of edinburgh filled with lots and lots of barnyard friends! we love finding free fun. we live for it, literally. so this week we planned a little playdate with friends and spent the afternoon petting, feeding and looking at the animals. On our way to the city farm winston took an early nap. when he woke up to the sound of children playing he was so giddy to play along too. we are finally getting back on a regular day schedule that includes lots of playgroups and playdates. He loves kids so, so much and loves making friends. 

In our home this week we have been making an effort in doing lots of animals noises, music and learning how to sign please and he has been having fun with all three. Moo is his favorite so I was a little antsy for him to see all the farm animals. ha! so while we were checking out the sheep and saying ba, the cows down the path started mooing like crazy. winston was totally digging it that he joined right along mooing with the animals. He was so happy he did a little jump.

I love that he is learning to express himself nowadays. of course, not all the expressions are fun. I mean   when he isn't agreeing with the current program it shows up in his tiny face. for real. just imagine a little scrunched up nose 15 month old babbling insanities at you. its hard not to laugh. sometimes, this little 15 month old kicks his body away from me in circumstances where he is not ready to leave. yeesh i thought these were to be expected a year from now. :) In all fairness these little specs of tantrums are short-lived and can be easily solved with a tickle to the neck. on the plus, when it's all over, I can grab myself a coke cherry and a yum yum {i'll tell you about this scottish delicacy later}. I am glad he is developing his own little self. sure he is learning to express himself at the most inopportune times but the best part is that he is learning to express love. like, instead of me asking him for a kiss he will wrap his arms around my neck out of the blue and give me a big smooch three to four times. at once. !!!. my dream come true. and that is all a mother needs really so I will take what I can get.

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