October 22, 2013

Making a Home

Guys! We moved into our new place last week. We love, love our neighbourhood! It is more in the residential area of Edinburgh, right along the canal and a 10 minute walk to the church building. It is right off the bus routes in a quiet quaint area. We love our new place. Our home is in a crescent so the traffic is only neighbours. It reminds me of home in regina where my in-laws and aunty live. I love it. Last week we had a church friend help move our luggage into the new flat which saved us soooo many bus trips! Then last wednesday we rented a van and all of us drove to Uphall Village to visit Josh's sweet awesome cousin who lives here too with her husband and 2 boys! She is from Saskatchewan {how awesome is that?}. We love that we have a family connection here. She has been so sweet to us and lent us a crib/toddler bed for the year. yay! So we visited our cousins and then dashed to Costco/Ikea to get a huge supply of dry goods and household goods to make our furnished apartment a home. Plus, our ward has been so good to us. We were able to borrow a high-chair for winston. He is finally sitting and focusing on eating now instead of running away or squirming out of my arms. We feel so blessed and cannot show gratitude enough for all the wonderful people in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

plus, it is nice to be getting back to normal. *deep sigh* :)

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