November 1, 2013

Firth of Forth Bridge

^^view from the train. we saw sheep along the way^^
 ^^I think those stones in that wall may have been there for over a hundred years... then winston comes along^^
left: watching the trains go by. right: daddy pretending to throw winston in the water. ha!
^^he played with that seal statue for a long, long time!^^
^^and then he toddled our way back home^^

Last week was reading week break for husbuddy's school. But basically, husbuddy still had plenty of studying to do. Luckily though we took an evening off together as a little family of three and decided to venture out somewhere close by. We decided to check out the Forth of Firth bridge in Dalmeny Village right here in Edinburgh. So we hopped on the train {my most fave} and went on a little adventure. The walking paths were so much fun and full of so much greenery - it felt right out of a storybook. The view was incredible. In the distance was a little island and castle that I absolutely loved. I really wanted to go on a ferry ride but it turned out all the ferry rides were closed for the day. :( Either way the place had a gorgeous town nearby, two beautiful bridges and the walking paths kept us entertained enough. We loved it. 

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