November 27, 2013

nine photos you've never seen.

In relation to my dear friends Facebook post which I accidentally liked I received a number to share 9 things people don't know about me. I sorta of can't think of any exactly on the spot or anything I haven't already shared. so I thought of 9 photo's i've never shared before. In fact, I have a confession. I have a secret project. well, not so much a secret because it's obvious I like taking pictures. of everything really but mostly our baby. ;) I started learning photography for our own children. I wanted to practice on other children so I borrowed theirs and all the nieces and nephews I could find and wa-la. I am still learning. It's a life long process and I am glad for it.

after taking so many pictures of our son the first day he was born and learning the real stuff of being a parent. I decided to keep a daily journal or more-so a photo journal everyday for the first year of winston's life. it's not fancy or detailed really pretty. it just keeps my happy all in one place. I've kept it private because I wanted it to be just be for me. eventually I will share more of it with my family but I really wanted it to be just a thing I can somewhat do everyday. it's the really nitty and gritty of being a parent. being a mom. being a wife. it has my tears, the burnt meals {because I think it's important to learn from the hard stuff}, the joys, the smiles, and life. For the first 365 days of being winston's parent I kept my camera and iPhone ready for the everyday snippets of our life. I made another blog and kept little jot notes of the things I felt and the things winston did. It's not finished yet, I still have 4 months to upload. I don't have a deadline. It's something I work on gradually when I want to. but I did it and one day I think I want to share it with you. I am just not sure when. ;)

course. you know me. I love taking pictures. I love watching Winston grow. I love my crazy awesome husband {<----eeek grown-up="" word=""> husbuddy. these two are my greatest adventure. So I guess I will continue to bombard your media space with splashes of my baby and maybe throw in some hashtags. *wink wink*


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