November 15, 2013

we are alive

After five long days of sickness we are alive. It's been a hard week full of long nights, long days, and temperatures soaring without a slight break. After a couple of doctor visits, priesthood blessings, 6 grocery bags of tissue, orange juice, decongestants, plenty of fluids, warm drinks, warm soups, and hot baths our fevers broke in the middle of late last night. It has been a long week. Thank goodness, Joshua's sickness started monday and only lasted for 24 hours. We were able to take shifts in taking care of each other despite the obvious demands of school and deadlines. Winston has been an angel despite it all. Poor baby. It breaks our heart to see him shiver and chatter whilst battling a fever. Since we've moved away from home and are faced with new sicknesses everywhere we go we have a large zip lock bag filled with everything we need to fight these viral infections but lately bacterial infections have caught us off guard and are kicking our trash. well, mine anyway. ;)

up above are some photos from our adventures last week including playdates, playgroups, train rides,  bus naps, winston curiosity of christmas, and a couple from this week. 


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