December 27, 2013

so many santas

^^ the elves were singing 'must be santa, santa clause'
^^fields upon fields of sheep^^
early sunday morning a couple of weeks ago we went to Glasgow to see the Santa Dash. For weeks I had it marked on our calendar to go and see this unique dash. It's an annual Santa run with over 3000 santa's running their hearts out for charity. So that morning, we got up extra early and caught the first train to Glasgow.  I was practically squealing and jumping all the way to the train station. I went to the toilets and on my way out husbuddy hurriedly told me to check out the santa's he saw going on the same train as us. It was awesome.

When we got off the train the streets were flooded with Santa's everywhere. It was incredible. Winston was pretty curious about all the people dressed in red. I felt like I was five all over again seeing the magic of Santa's run up the road. Waves upon waves of red hats and people running their hearts out. It was a sight to see. At the last minute I ran to the middle of the road where all the pro's were capturing the redness. Our experience did not disappoint. Im fact I am pretty that all these santa's helped Winston this christmas season. Every time he saw a Santa he was not scared of Santa one bit. So unfortunately I didn't capture any classic sad photos of winston with santa but instead curious ones which work out just fine either way. 

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