December 16, 2013

Winston's 1st Christmas Partay

^^He got a hold of an oreo! He ate the middle first of course.^^ 
Our December has been very magical. Edinburgh does Christmas so good. It might not be exactly like home with a chilly air or snow on the ground but Christmas is in the air. When we walk home in the evening we love pointing out the christmas lights to Winston. It is so very exciting to see all the various christmas trees of all shapes and sizes in peoples windows. 'Tis the season! We have been working on a list of activities to do each week. Winston loves it. I think this what makes it my favorite part. Christmas is so much more through the eyes of a little child.

Speaking of which, Winston met Santa at our ward primary/nursery Christmas Party. There were games, dancing, treats, and a gift from Santa himself. He was very curious about Santa and not very afraid at all. When we sat him down with Santa he immediately hopped off so maybe he has mixed feelings. I don't know haha. No tears though so I guess it was a success.

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