December 20, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

On the first Monday of the month for our Family Home Evening we went and picked up a Christmas tree. I had been searching on gumtree for weeks looking for the perfect used tree and finally we found one that included decorations, lights and the tree all for 5 pounds. Plus we got the Christmas stockings for free too. Score! When we first set it up, Winston was knocking on it just like he knocked on the doors for trick or treating. We thought it was so cute. Since then we are learning more about Christmas and the Saviors birth. We loved watching the Christmas Devotional and loved the Nativity video. Now every time we see a Christmas tree in windows on our walk home in the evenings or the big lit up ones throughout the city, we sing 'Oh Christmas Tree' or any Christmas hymn that pops into our mind. :) Overall Winston is very, very excited by the tree. He loves when the lights turn on at night and he loves playing with the branches. Every now and again I see him running away with a bow. Ha!

Christmas really is a magical and special time to share as a family.

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