March 2, 2014

Goodbye, Blog World!

Well, I've decided to say so long to this blog. It's been a good run! I believe four years in January. It's been nice to document everything important in our lives. I will always be a documenter of course.  My new goal for documenting our life is to do more scrapbooking/photo albums -and maybe actually print stuff the good ol' fashion way! The blog will still have a Facebook page to keep up with my photography endeavors and probably instagram because it is so dang instant {I am so glad that it is far easier to document one photo at a time than a whole bunch at once}. Just taking small steps to reduce my social media foot print. haha. I'm all about recycling these days {for grandkid purposes}. P.s I like to not make any sense if that makes sense. So thank you for reading my non-sense all these long four years lots has happened and lots will continue to happen i'm sure. Life is full of that is something I have truly come to learn.

always thanks to both our moms for always being our number one fan. makes us feel special! :)

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