February 12, 2014

Grain Series 03

^^farewell my lovely yum yums^^

Calorie Counting say what?! It works people. Watching what I eat and how much I eat has seriously made a huge difference in my life. Looking at my life eating choices I would have to say I normally just ate whatever I wanted to eat. My weight went up and down and all around before. Now that I know what I am eating I have lost an overall 13 something pounds since early january and it is staying off. Wondering why I am sharing an old photo of a whole stinking plate of sweeties? These things are called Yum Yum's, they are toffee flavored and very lethal. Yum Yum's are an extremely delicious Scottish delicacy {similar to the cronut}. It was indeed my first initial weakness upon coming here. Boy! I tell you, I loved those little yum yum babies. :( Fortunately with all the walking we already do they didn't do too much damage BUT they were not helping me maintain a balanced diet either. It's been a month and a half since my last lethal yum yum intake. So anyways I have been watching my chocolate levels and I am still doing good. I had a little weekend breakdown and ate basically a whole chocolate bar but then I ran 13 straight minutes among my 31 minute running workout so it sorta of almost nulled it right!? Ok, ok I was bad this weekend but not to bad to be thrown off track. I am fighting my way towards a healthy lifestyle. I choose bananas! I choose snap peas! I choose healthy homemade meals!

I am on week 6 of my 9 week couch to 5k. I ran a full 20 minutes yesterday and I am gradually increasing that number. I am finding that I actually like running now which is basically a miracle because I use to dislike running very much. I am here to change that and in 3-4 weeks time I will have run 5k! I can almost taste it. Husbuddy has been a great coach. We walk/run to school together first thing in the morning and somehow he turned it into a competition haha. I love him. He is a great motivator and I couldn't be more grateful to him on days where I absolutely do not want to do anything but watch netflix. :) Love you babe. 

Winston and I DID make healthy snacks today. It actually snowed on us on our bike ride around the town so we bused our way back home. We made whole wheat graham crackers and we came out with almost 4 dozen. We have put more than half in the freezer too. I love homemade cooking. Plus, winston loves them. BAM

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