February 5, 2014

exploring the water of leith

yesterday winston and I went on a 5 mile excursion along the water of leith. It was beautiful, sunny and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I left my phone and let go of media for the afternoon. It was refreshing. We spent our time walking and enjoying nature. It was exactly what we needed. We passed by this cemetery and winston stopped a couple times saying hiya to the graveyard. It gave me a little bit of the heebie jeebies. then last night as we were falling asleep winston, who happens to sleep talk, suddenly gives a little roar in his sleep! I felt so spooked. :( haha. anyways, back to our nature experience, we weren't able to see dean village along our walk due to walk closures but we look forward to walking it come july when it opens again. So instead, we took a walk back to city centre and continued on from there. The best part is that Edinburgh has tons of places to walk and we have barely nicked the list. I am hoping we get the chance to walk all of them in our time here. 

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