February 4, 2014

i'm winston


oh hi, i'm winston. I'm 19 months old. I love to roar. I love to wear lots of hats even if they are not really hats. I love to sing wind the bobbin up (or sign it really). I love to escape. I love to run. I love to help my family cook meals and laundry. I love playtime. I'm learning to talk I can say buh-bye, hiya {the Scottish way), mam' ma (for grandma), mil for milk, pz for please, ba for baby, shhh for train, mum for mom and daddy for dad but sometimes I like to call both my parents mama when I really need something and other gibberish that they haven't figured out yet. I love to sign still and I prefer it to talking. When I have a stinky diaper I say mama and sniff the air. I love cuddles and I love taking long naps in my buggy while mum gets things done. I don't like taking naps at home where it is to quiet. I know when my family comes onto Skype and I take my mom to call them if I hear someone log-on. I love to climb things. I like doing backflips with daddy. I love meeting new people and giving everyone great big smiles. I love brushing my teeth morning and night. but mostly, I love to spit.


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  1. He is SOO cute! Love the stinky diaper thing, that is awesome. We should try skyping some time! Nash has those same pjs :)