January 29, 2014

Grain Series 02

^^i love bow ties & granola ... so does winston ^^

So this last week 'for fun' i decided to start counting my calories. What a shocker day one was! Half my calories ended up in chocolate. no surprise there. I mean come on, having 30pence 100g chocolate bar worth 500 calories is bound to hog up all the calories. :( I have always wanted to count my calories but the idea of searching the labels; writing them down in a daily journal and seeing them wrack up has always sort of scared me. I found the myfitnesspal app that is insanely easy and has been around for a long time. Guys I can’t believe I am only finding out about it now. It has really helped me. It makes counting calories less daunting and incredibly simple. I just scan the barcode of the veggie, fruit, cracker, cheese, or I input our home cooked meal and it counts my calories all up. Yay! 

Guess what! One week of calorie counting and 3 weeks of running means I'm down 7 pounds. The first few days of keeping a daily calorie goal was really hard but this week it feels so easy. I cut out pop after the first day and my chocolate levels have gone down from 2 full chocolate bars to about a tablespoon of chocolate (on average). I've also been making whole food meals and its been working out really well. I'm working on week 2 of calorie counting starting tomorrow and I am more than excited to do it. My goal is to run 5k and to continue to work on my chocolate levels. I totally believe this is a great way to help me achieve this goal. I read this amazing article in the ensign this month and it really has helped me reflect on the way I make and work towards goals. EEEP. :)

For our baking morning winston and I made these granola bars and he LOVED them. Joshua wasn't that big of a fan as we were so we might make this batch of granola bars that he might like and eat on the way to school. It’s cheaper for us to make our own granola bars and we usually freeze half of them for later too. winning

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  1. Way to go Nicole! That is impressive and does not sound like fun except for the running part. And the granola bars.