April 9, 2010

Movie loving

Well me and my husbuddy de-stressed a little bit this week with a couple of sweet movie nights and surprisingly I enjoyed them both.

"An Education", this movie was so charming. This particular era is one of my all time faves, the fashion, interior....goodness what is not to love! She is a unique actress and has great sense of style. Plus I super enjoyed the surprise twist...whoa!

"500 days of Summer" was also cute and funny. I think you would like it, the directors style unique I suppose but still cute! Josh and I shared a few good laughs... :) Recommend it! Plus I got some serious fashion tips for my husbuddy, and I am totally inspired.

P.s. Josh and I are needing some buddies to go on date nights?!?! Like hello we need to socialize without the textbook.. Interested? We should make a club or something. Is this too geeky? Don't dis the geeky, cuz I am one! Yes

Later XOXOXO nicole

P.s. I am totally loving my new MACBOOK!

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