December 1, 2012

Washington, DC {Part 2}

I loved all the christmas decor up. It really made it feel like Christmas instead of fall. We spent a good chunk of time in that packed museum and barely skimmed it. Seriously DC had so much to offer and we really wanted to check out every little thing but it was next to impossible! Holy man! 

After the museum my feet were killing me but we were all determined to get to the Lincoln Memorial and see Mr. Lincoln President statue. Luckily, we got had a lovely view a long the way. The experience was breathtaking really. I really couldn't believe my eyes the entire time. I felt so patriotic and I am not even American. This place is that good! Finally the little white building became closer and closer until we finally made it! It felt like a miracle. My feet were aching and I even breastfed Winston a long the way - speedwalking in the cold wind. Ha! It was dark and I was too determined to get to that memorial. We stopped at the White House next but I was too tired to view it. Crystal and her sister did and they said it was really cool. 

Well, if you happen to be close to DC please check it out. That place is incredible and beautiful beyond words. I really enjoyed it and one day I hope to go back again. Because really there is so much more to do! Man.

Love you Crystal & Shannon!

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